Calverhall Horse and Pony Show
31st August 2008

All, here are the photo's I took and promised you would be able to download for free. I hope I didn't embarrass you too much and I have tried to get your best side and for your bum not to look big etc etc :o). There are more photo's to come from a very special man named Ken, who is a professional photographer and gave his time and photographs to us all for free, so a big big thank you to Ken. Ken has his own web site which can be found at

I should also note here that the day was also sponsored by Twemlows Stud, thank you for your support. For further information on the A.I services and others offered by Twemslows, their web sites are and

If you click on the pictures below, they will open a larger picture in a new window. If you wish to save the picture, simply right click the picture and "save picture as". Any problems downloading the photos, email me at and I will give you a hand....